About Signal Storage

image_3Signal Storage is committed to supporting those who secure the protection of our country from those who seek it harm.

The products, solutions, and services are designed to provide maximum benefit to the individuals who operate and transport this equipment.

The Signal Storage design team is comprised of industry leaders with over twenty years of experience per engineer. Disciplines include system engineering, electrical engineering, FPGA design, mechanical engineering, and real-time software engineering.

SSI's corporate mission is to provide the highest performance in the smallest package to support the war against terror. The driving force behind this mission is the realization that intelligence data increases in value when it can be acquired closer to the source and transferred in minimal time through the infrastructure.

The need for persistent surveillance is widespread yet many current solutions are based on design concepts intended for very comfortable surroundings. Truly persistent surveillance does not get to pick a comfortable temperature or altitude but instead is ready to go anywhere anytime just like the people who operate the equipment.

The business approach and engineering philosophy behind Signal Storage are matched to the same frequency. This approach ensures the customer benefits from the latest commercial-off-the-shelf components packaged into a system that meets his needs exactly. Including reliable parts by world-class manufacturers reduces design time and increases reliability while reducing system pricing.

Incorporating these devices into customized boards provides for unlimited deployment options designed to meet nearly any platform. SSI provides high-performance solutions ranging from a few circuits to racks full of storage. If your application requires a higher-performing data recording solution in a smaller more power efficient package then contact us to learn more about Signal Storage Innovations.


Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)

The state of Maryland's Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) signs MTTF Grant with Signal Storage to build the Tactical Caiman Data Recorder.

Under a grant from TEDCO, Signal Storage continues work on its flagship product, the Tactical Caiman Data Recorder. The Maryland program is designed to provide funding for Maryland companies with leading-edge technology advantages over existing technologies.

The program requires documented interest from federal laboratories ensuring the technology under development provides a function deemed valuable by both state and federal government entities.

Signal Storage is proud to be partnering with TEDCO on this project and looks forward to a successful project. Learn more about TEDCO here.