Signal Storage Innovations: Smaller, Faster, Tougher

A new world of possibilities in High-Speed Data Recording

Signal Storage Innovations specializes in recording and communication solutions designed to outperform existing technologies yet incorporated into smaller, faster, and lower-powered systems. The company innovates next-generation solutions appropriate for SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT, NASA, Telemetry, and Commercial applications. Signal Storage is 100% US owned.

When should you call SSI?  When you need to dramatically reduce Size, Weight, Power Draw, and Cooling while ensuring high-performance (data rate/capacity/specialized design elements).  If you can meet your design criteria with a large, power-hungry, heat-producing disk farm, we may not be the best fit.  When you need that same performance to fit into a backpack or narrow airborne pod, give us a call.

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A new world of possibilities in Wide-band data Recording