Signal Storage Innovations: Smaller, Faster, Tougher

A new world of possibilities in High-Speed Data Recording

Signal Storage Innovations (SSI) implements its patented technology into high-speed spectrum capture and playback systems designed to outperform existing technologies. While we aim for the highest performance metrics available today, we also provide a counter-intuitive benefit in that our systems significantly reduce size, weight, and power, as well as the amount of cooling required (commonly referred to as SWaPc). In many applications we have increased capability by up to four times while reducing SWaPc by a factor of four.  For this reason we call ourselves the 4×4 of spectrum capture and playback systems.  Our corporate goal is to provide the finest products in our industry while offering support second to none. Signal Storage Innovations, LLC is 100% owned by citizens of the USA.

SSI clients often fall into one or more of  the following categories:

  • Requiring a highly capable design which can sustain unusually demanding performance characteristics.  Often these refer to:
    • Wider swath of spectrum bandwidth – requires very high sustained data rates for applications such as ELINT or RADAR 
    • An optimized storage subsystem providing both continuous high-speed reads and writes while also containing a deep capacity without the need for bulky external media
    • The ability to integrate seamlessly into an existing environment or payload
    •  An intuitively obvious system to operate including tightly coupled hardware and software 
    • Or the number and/or types of interfaces required
  • A need for a reduced SWAPc system.  Often this means the customer needs:
    • A physically reduced footprint – in some cases they might need us to replace one system with two newer SSI systems without creating a need to change the mounting system, space, or power that is provided to the system
    • A reduction in weight – this can range from needing a smaller unit that is easier for a person to carry in a backpack or something more exotic such as needing a system that weighs less than a pound so that it can be mounted in a hand-launched unmanned system
    • A lower power draw – sometimes this is driven by a lack of cooling infrastructure or by the unavailability of power beyond what can be hefted in a battery; lower power means a smaller battery
    • A reduction in cooling – this point is inextricably intertwined with the power needed as a lower power system will generate less heat and therefore requires less cooling; in some cases a silent system without moving parts is preferred, in others there is little or no cooling infrastructure
  • The ability to operate in a wider range of environmental conditions:
    • Including very hot or cold temperatures requiring an advanced thermal design
    • The need to perform at high, low, or quickly changing altitude
    • Ruggedized reliability designed to handle shock and vibration – our systems have zero moving parts
    • The need to survive in dusty or sandy locations
    • Optional capability for water resistance
    • Operation with or without ambient airflow, cold plate, or other cooling infrastructure
    • Operation using a wide range of input power
    • Completely silent operation

SSI does not try to be all things to all people and given our design goals our systems tend to be the most capable in their class. While we are cost competitive in high-performance applications, those customers looking for a commodity product that does not require intense performance characteristics or rugged and miniaturized packaging can sometimes find a lower priced alternative using off-the-shelf servers and media.

If you need to step up to a higher level of performance, or you face a  difficult integration between system elements (often we can combine multiple capabilities into a single unit), or you need to reduce your SWaPc feel free to call on us and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.